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Just-In-Time Transportation Delivery Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183624D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-29
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Disclosed is a calendar system (or system add-on or service) that automatically performs an aggregation of people attending a remote meeting for the purpose of car pooling and arranging other energy-saving measures. The system consists of profiles, optimization, and temporal staging to provide a useful and efficient platform.

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Just-In-Time Transportation Delivery

The calendar system described here may be provided as part of an overall system or service associated with a calendar system, such as that provided by Lotus Notes®. The system automatically performs a selection of people attending a remote meeting for the purpose of car pooling and arranging other energy-saving measures that include redirecting certain potential attendees, according to their profiles, to teleconferences or the same meeting that is taking place in a virtual-universe representation. The system makes use of profiles, optimization, and temporal staging in order to provide a useful and efficient platform.


Components of the invention and relevant methods are described below. The components and methods are used to provide the advantages listed above.

Meeting Acceptance Augmentation

it is known in the art of personal information managers (PIMs) to enable the user to accept or decline a meeting invitations. Commonly the user receives an email containing a meeting invite and from an interface within the email client the user is able to decline or accept the invite. Commonly, in large companies participants may attend meetings either in person, if they are located near the meeting, or via a teleconference. To enable the proposed invention the meeting acceptance system must require augmentation to permit the user to select if they will attend the meeting in person at a location that requires travel or via a remote meeting methodology.

Location Awareness

To enable the proposed invention, participants must have location aware devices. A plurality of embodiments may exist to provide location awareness of meeting participants. For example, a user's laptop may contain GPS services to automatically determine the location of a user. In another embodiment, location may be determined by the subnet that the user's laptop is connected to , users on similar are likely to be located within proximity of another. In a manual embodiment a user may specify location, optionally based on network location, as is known in the art of IBM® Lotus® Sametime®. The location awareness system is used to detect people within the same location for the ride share notification system described below.

Ride Share Possibility Notification

In the proposed invention the user's personal information manager (PIM) or e-mail client is augmented to notify a user that other participants located within a predefined proximity are attending the same meeting and indicated travel is required to attend the meeting during the meeting acceptance phase. At some point prior to meeting started, possibly immediately before a meeting reminder notice is provided to the user, the user's collabora...