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Method to Rank GPS Favorites Based on Likelihood of Selection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183625D
Original Publication Date: 2009-May-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-May-29
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The present invention provides an apparatus, system, method and computer program product for ranking of favorites in a favorites destination list. Based on time of day, starting location, and history of driver selections, the inventive system presents a driver with a ranked choice of destinations from their favorites list.

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Method to Rank GPS Favorites Based on Likelihood of Selection

The present invention consists of multiple components, each of which are described in detail below.

GPS User Interface Augmentation

The user interface of the GPS is augmented to display favorites based on the favorite ranking systems described below. Upon a user invoking the favorite selection system, the favorite ranking system is invoked, returning a list of probable favorites for the user to select from. The list of favorites is displayed with the most likely to select location listed first and the remainder of the locations listed according to the ranking returned from the favorite ranking system.

Selection Datastore

The selection datastore records favorite selections into a persistent datastore for analysis by the favorite ranking system. When the user invokes a favorite selection from the GPS user interface, this system records the time of day of week, and present location. The data may be recorded into a table style data structure. One depiction of such a datastore is included below:

  Time Day of Week Day of Month Present Location Selection 7:50 AM Monday 1 35° 45.7' N 78° 44.58' W Work 8:05 AM Tuesday 2 35° 45.5' N 78° 44.57' W Work 5:30 PM Tuesday 2 35° 41.5' N 78° 33.52' W Bob 6:05 AM Wednesday 3 35° 45.5' N 78° 44.57' W Work 5:40 PM Wednesday 3 35° 41.5' N 78° 33.52' W Bob 8:05 AM Thursday 4 35° 45.5' N 78° 44.57' W Work 6:00 PM Thursday 5 35° 41.5' N 78° 33.52' W Bob 9:30 AM Friday 5 35° 45.5' N 78° 44.57' W Work

The above table depicts a small subset of data that would be stored. In most embodiment, the storage for the datastore is finite, thus when storage is full the oldest entries should be purged from the system and replaced with a new entry. Furthermore, most embodiments may opt to round the times and locations as exact locations and exact times may not be needed by the favorite ranking systems.

Favorite Ranking

Classical Statistic Analysis

Some embodiments may employ a classic statistical approach to rank favorites for a GPS device. The classic statistical approach analyzes the entries in the selection datastore and ranks each potential favorite selection by the statistical likelihood of selection based on time, day of week, and current location. For example, using the table above if the user is near the location 35° 45.7' N 78° 44.58' W between 6:05 AM and 9:30 AM the highest ranked favorite should be the "Work". In addition to the fields described above, an additional field "day of month" may be utilized by some


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embodiments, the day of month field is used to detect recurring, but not daily, patterns. For example, if a user has a favorite for a recurring monthly appointment, hair cut for instance, as the day of month approaches that favorite is increased in ranking. In most embodiments, the day of month has less weight than the daily pattern favorites, however embodiment algorith...