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Power-Last Module for MEMS Sensor Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183636D
Publication Date: 2009-May-29

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This disclosure describes an energy storage system for MEMS scale devices. Providing power to MEMS sensors is often achieved by bonding discrete power sources to the MEMS device but seamless integration of the power source and the MEMS device can be challenging and limited integration can diminish device performance and drive up cost. As a result there is a need for a fully-integrated MEMS energy system suitable for use with a variety of MEMS sensors – this disclosure describes such a system. The system integrates a novel power generation system i.e., a MEMS-scale Organic Power System (MOPS), with existing microfabrication techniques and has several novel features: 1) Monolithic integration of power generation and power storage, 2) The MOPS design is fully compatible with standard microfabrication processes, 3) MOPS fabrication process is compatible with any fabrication process that allows processing to the backside of the wafer, 4) MOPS fabrication processes are mild and are not harmful to existing wafer devices, permitting fabrication after all other components, e.g. sensors, communication, 5) The MOPS system is fully integrated with the device 6) Ability to add MOPS at the end of device fabrication makes it compatible with a variety of MEMS devices.