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Method and system for safe car parking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183833D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-02
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This article deal with a system providing the user with a method for safe car parking.

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Method and system for safe car parking

Actual parking in a city is becoming a critical aspect in the life since changing condition in the road may impact the safety of the car and cause the user to be contravened by the local administration for incorrect parking.

Moreover the parking rules are becoming more and more complex allowing the parking for some hours only, in some days only and so on. Moreover some dynamic events like a tree to be cut or the road to be maintained or cleaned up or any specific traffic condition related to the need of an oversize vehicle to cross the road may change the parking rules.

    In those cases the user is not always aware of the safety of his parking. The user for example can know that his parking is allowed for 3 hours even if he can forget it. The user instead is not able to forecast unexpected events so that especially for long parking time he cannot be sure about the safety of it. If for example a user need to park his car for seven days since he must travel and after few days the local administration put a signal requesting to not park in such street after a specific day the car owner cannot be informed about it.

    It is an object of the current article to provide a method and a system to address the above by the introduction of a system that is able to automatically notify the owner of cars about the safety of his parking.

    The idea is based on the introduction of a system mounted inside vehicles that is able to interact either with a hand device with which traffic policy or signal can be equipped to perform their job in a reliable and verifiable way. In this way when a parking rule changes a police man or the signal itself may notify the car system with the new parking rule or parking restriction.

    When the on board device receive the signal from an external device he i...