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System and Method for reducing size of mailfile Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183845D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-02
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Disclosed is a system and method for reducing size of email files

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System and Method for reducing size of mailfile

System and Method for reducing size of mailfileSystem and Method for reducing size of mailfile

When a user's mailfile reaches its upper limit, often because of mail file size quotas, the user may be blocked from sending email. It may be the case that no email can be sent from the user's account until the size of the file is reduced. This can be quite frustrating to the user and the business. Reducing the size of the mailfile is often a hindrance to the user as it is time consuming and repetitive.

It would be advantageous if there was some autonomic functionality to reduce the size of the mail file - e.g. remove email from certain users or groups based on certain social network and

do this tentatively or instantaneously (if in the cases of certain triggers) with the help of a tunable graphic equalizer. Additionally, the system has the functionality to produce a report that will highlight (to the mail files owner or the owners manager or to a departmental administrator) which emails can be processed

In today's world, more and more email is arriving into the inboxes of users. Mail files generally consist of emails from a broad spectrum of people, groups, automated applications, SPAM, mailing lists etc. A mechanism that will delete messages (or at least highlight those that can be deleted or removed from the server copy would be very beneficial) based on organizational or social network criteria - to automate this task for the user. For a periodic mail size review by the user or the user's manager - a report can be produced which highlights emails and email threads that can be deleted. This report can be produced with the help of a graphic equalizer - this equalizer would allow the user to change the importance of variables such as:
- organizational distance
- Explicit weightings assigned to users, threads, subjects and tags
- mail message and mail thread age
- Social Network Distance
- Confidential content
Additionally, to influence the variables - when users are adding contacts to their email system, contacts can also be categorized into groups. These groups may have a weighting associated with them that can be used in the graphic equalizer report. The aim of this report is to highlight messages and message threads that have a high desirability to be removed.

Additionally, users can maintain contact groups (e.g. organizational contacts, personal cont...