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RFID Encode on Pitch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183871D
Publication Date: 2009-Jun-03
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RFID Encode on Pitch

One of the most significant goals of RFID printing and encoding is to achieve the ability to encode "on pitch", as tags come from the manufacturer. Having this ability saves significant cost because a separate conversion step is not required in the process.

These are Squiggle tags, as they come from the manufacturer. Typically more space is needed between transponders to successfully encode them. These transponders are approximately 16mm apart. Ideally, the transponders should be about 2 inches apart to avoid communicating with an adjacent transponder.

The Solution

Presently, smaller couplers (encoding antennas) closest to the print-line are desirable. The solution herein is to move away from requiring the smaller couplers and to use broadcast antennas both inside and outside of the printer. The method would rely on the fact that there is a dead encoding area around the print-line (printhead), i.e., shielding.

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Broadcast antenna on inside too.

Fig 1.

Broadcast antenna on outside

Print Direction

Having a broadcast antenna on the outside and a broadcast antenna on the inside would potentially allow communication with multiple tags at once. The "inside pool" and "outside pool" can allow filtering the tags and reveal the transponder label positions as they exit the printer. Although multiple tags are "seen" in the field, we can singulate on any single tag. Tags typically have unique identifiers that enable singulating. Should a tag not have this unique ID (UID), then the tags can be written to with data to make them unique.

Here's how on pitch print and encode could work:

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Outside poo...