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Smart eMail Addressing Check Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183930D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-05
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Sometimes people send confidential emails and while entering the addressees, the system interprets an entry as being someone else (either through looking in a large address book, or by fuzzy search, etc.) and the confidential email accidentally gets sent to the wrong person. This invention would check the email addressing to see if email was previously sent to the addressee(s) and provide a warning if it wasn't, so the user can re-check the addressees.

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Smart eMail Addressing Check

This algorithm compares the addresses in the To and CC and Bcc boxes to the addresses that the user has emailed to in the past. If the email address was not previously used to send email to, then a warning with the email address(es) that is(are) different is shown so that the User can correct the address.

Additional Claim: the algorithm could be configured to only perform the above check if the email was a confidential one.

Additional Claim: the User would be able to removed unwanted email addresses from the list that this algorithm compares against.