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4-drive roll wire feeder for GMAW robotic system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000183958D
Publication Date: 2009-Jun-08
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4-drive roll wire feeder for GMAW robotic system

Some arc welding systems use expensive push-pull laser wire feedsystemsfor feeding the welding wire to the arc welding torch.

However, due to the fact that the second motor of the push-pull system should be integrated in the torch knuckle attachment to the robot, it is impossible to manually rotate the position of wire entry, with respect to the welding direction, for certain specific joint configurations when the torch is carried by a robot arm. The wire dispensing is then limited to a small spool, and not a bulk pack for high productivity robotic systems, needing frequent spool changes.


Actually, in a gas metal arc (GMA) robotic system, the feeder is often mounted on the robotic arm and the wire is dispensed from bulk packs with air assisted feed motor, that facilitates feeding the welding wire over long distances between the wire packaging and the robotic head.

The current invention uses a standard 4-drive roll wire feeder that is installed on the welding robot. The distance between the 4 drive roll wire feeder and the welding arc created by the torch is between 25 cm and 150 cm. The distance between the wire bulk packaging and the wire feeder is between 300 cm and 1000 cm with an electric or air assisted motor, on the wire drum packaging. The wire assist motor on the bulk packaging is also used to feed the wire from the bulk pack to the feeder on the robot on...