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Integrated Card Stiffener/Cooling Duct for Highly Effective Packaging of Electronic PCBs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184066D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-09
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Described is a card stiffener/airflow duct/heatsink attachment combined design.

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Providing mechanical rigidity to PCI cards, which have significant mass attached to them (e.g., heat sinks), is critical to avoid damage during any handling operation or shipment to the electrical components on the printed circuit board (e.g., ball grid array components, solder joints, via structures, etc). Providing this rigidity to the printed circuit board in the least space possible is important since the PCI specification provides limited space/volume to be shared by the electrical and mechanical parts within the same envelope. Many PCI manufacturers utilize plates which span the length of the card to provide the necessary support. The problem with these types of solution is that precious space is dedicated to the plates, which takes away space for other functions (logic, cooling, etc.)[*]

    The design related to this invention provides the PCI card stiffening function via use of the cooling apparatus. This approach creates dual function for several parts and eliminates the need for multiple single function pieces of hardware: for example now there is a single piece of hardware that provides rigidity and cooling to the electronics that previously required one piece of hardware to provide printed circuit board rigidity and another piece of hardware to provide cooling for the electronics - freeing up space/volume for add...