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Method, system, and apparatus for reserving the use of a re-charging station for a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184093D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-10
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A method, system, and apparatus for reserving a charging point at a Re-Charging Station for an Electric Vehicle is disclosed. The method and system involves pre-reservation of the charging points at the Re-Charging Station for one or more Electric Vehicles to facilitate reduced wait time for operators of the one or more Electric Vehicles.

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Method, system, and apparatus for reserving the use of a re -charging station for a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Disclosed is a method and system for reserving a charging point at a Re-Charging station for an Electric Vehicle. The method involves establishing a communication between the Electric Vehicle and a charging facility for checking availability of a charging point at a Re-charging station. The Electric Vehicle is not required to reach the Re-charging station for performing this communication. An Energy Transaction Manager (ETM) may be incorporated in the Electric Vehicle for observing requirement of charging energy in the vehicle. Based on the requirement, the ETM establishes communication with a Charging Station Manager (CSM) to reserve the charging point at the Re-charging station. An Off-vehicle Network Gateway (ONG) may be used for establishing the communication. The ONG uses one or more access networks such as GPRS, WiFi*, and Near-Field. The communication is routed via the access network to an Internet gateway and is received by the ONG via the CSM's Internet connection. The communication may be established manually by an Operator making a decision or it may be initiated automatically through the EMT proposing a Re-charging session to the Operator and the Operator accepting the proposal.

After establishing the communication, the ETM provides various parameters for selecting best charging point at a nearest Re-charging station. These parameters are required time of arrival, required time of departure, required charging energy, required charging voltage, connection method, charging management protocol, Electric Vehicle type, dimensions, additional re-fueling requirements such as gasoline, bio-fuel, hydrogen, and diesel, payment method e.g. credit card details, and a notification method, e.g. mobile telephone number.

Based on these parameters, the CSM provides suitable options of charging points at one or more Re-charging stations. Once a charging point is finalized at the Re-charging station, the CSM may provide modifications in the parameter if required. The parameters may require modifications based on available arrival time, required departure time, tolerance on arrival and departure, penalty for remaining beyond the reservation period, maximum charge that can be provided during available period, price (if not already established by the ETM), and availability of additional fuels.

Similarly, the CSM may arrange charging points for other Electric Vehicles. This enables optimized usage of the available charging points and reduces wait time for operators of the Electric Vehicles.

Upon arrival of the Electric Vehicle in the Re-charging station, the CSM may announce the arriva...