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A method and system for sharing desktops in multi-languages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184101D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-11
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Under some circumstances, people have to remote connect to another computers or share their desktops with other people in different geographical locations. Considering following scenario: SupporterA in USA has to remote connect to a customer's computer located in Abrabism and show to the customer how to operate. It is possible that the locale in the computer is Abric. As a result, all UI and menu are shown in Abric language. However, supporterA doesn't understand Abric language and it is difficult for him to operate the computer. Or in a meeting, all attendees are from different countries. But the spokesman refuses to share the materials and just share his/her desktop to other attendees to protect the confidential information. So it is impossible for the menus to be shown into other languages. Current Solution: 1 Change the locale to English and reboot the computer. But if the customer can't understand English, it will be difficult for him to understand the operation. 2 Assign the task to another supporter who understand Abric language.

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A method and system for sharing desktops in multi -



In the disclosure, I am proposing a method to solve the problem. When people require to remote connect to a computer or a shared desktop, they can designate a language with which the menu of the remote desktop will be shown without influencing the remote computer's locale and other clients' requirements.

The server will generate a screen shot of desktop shown in a designated language and send the screenshot to corresponding client. When detecting any operations of clients, the operations will be mapped with the original desktop of the server.

Figure 1 is the workflow and communications between client and server ; The left of the workflow is operations initiated by clients ; The

right of the workflow is operations initiated by server .



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1 Workflow and Communication between Client and Server

Figure 2 is the workflow of how to calculate the appropriate desktop according to client 's requirement.


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Figure .


2 Workflow of the Calculation of Shared Desktop .


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