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InfiniBand Connector Test Fixture For Preserving Reliability Of System Test Components Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184165D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-12
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A device is proposed that serves as an electrical cable connector interface test fixture, which prevents damage or fatigue to the interface under test after repeated insertions of the connector. Additionaly, this device provides access to electronic signals normally shielded within the cable connector interface.

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InfiniBand Connector Test Fixture For Preserving Reliability Of System Test Components

The device is a soft-touch probe adapter, or a piece of hardware which is mated to the host bus adapter (HBA) on one side, and to the cable under test on the other side. In this manner, the cable and HBA can be mated and disconnected many times, while the cable connector is only mated once to the device. Alternately, the HBA need only be mated once, and multiple connections can be made between the cable and the device. By protecting one end of the interface from excessive wear, we can reuse either the HBA or cable many times during testing, saving the cost of procuring additional HBAs or cables for test purposes. It may be desirable to use the device for an InfiniBand (IB) protocol interface. In this case, it is necessary to contain the cable saver within an industry standard IB connector assembly body, since multiple cables might need to be plugged in close proximity to each other.

    Furthermore, the device incorporates a test point interface, compatible with test equipment that has a probe retention fixture and which can measure the signal levels on the connector interface. This probe retention fixture is designed as an integral part of the device. The device may include a multi-layer printed circuit board which provides appropriate impedance matching and shielding using ground planes for critical signals, and mechanical retention screws...