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User Interface For Optimized Printer Settings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184225D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-16
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This article discusses printing of the documents in efficient way using the optimized printer settings and reduces the paper wastage.

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User Interface For Optimized Printer Settings

Printers are peripheral devices used to print different type of documents. The documents include, for example, web pages, articles, spreadsheets, pictures, files, and/or other suitable documents. When a document is selected for printing, the user is usually prompted to adjust the printer settings. The settings may be changed by the user through a menu displayed in a display device. In response the settings may be changed or the document may be printed with the current settings for the printer. Many times, a user prints the documents without making adjustments to the printer settings the results are not always what user would expect. Often, our printouts are incomplete or with missing parts/sections or even pages because of improper printer settings/setup, which leads to wasting a lot of papers and printer ink resources. The time and effort of the user in reprinting is also gone to waste. This article is proposing a software application that will help users in optimizing and updating the printer settings that best fit the documents user will be printing.

A software application can be developed and installed in computers to depict and analyze documents' printouts before the print command is sent to the printer for printing. This information will be prompted to the user and the software can suggest the best settings for the document being printed i.e., portrait or landscape, change of margins, type of paper, layout for printing multiple pages (double-sided, booklet, etc) according to below Figure.


efficient for printing (i.e.

document consists of more pages to print

printable area.

For example if user is printing some big document with length out of printable area from Browser o



      the Software automatically prompt user to print document with landscape and double-sided pages . The software can also prompt the user if the current printer settings are not suitable for the document being printed. This software will lessen if not prevent the need t...