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VPN Sales System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184237D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-16
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An operating system module secures online transactions by establishing a VPN connection between the User Machine and the online Vendor Server.

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VPN Sales System


An operating system module secures online transactions by establishing a VPN connection between the User Machine and the online Vendor Server.


Problem or Opportunity

The massive popularity of e-commerce and internet shopping has lead to an epidemic of credit card and identity theft. Due to this rampant online identity theft, many potential online customers are skeptical and uneasy with online sales, leading to reduced sales volume for online merchants.

While current secure internet protocols, such as https, provide for user-end security and privacy within the user's browser window, information being transmitted over the internet to vendor website servers may still be compromised. Because the internet as a whole is largely non-secure, even data encryption may sometimes fail to protect sensitive information. What is needed is a means of conducting transactions over a secure network such that internet and website security are not topics of concern.

Background Publications

The publications described below attempt to address the problem of transactional security using VPN connections. However, none of the existing literature specifically extends VPN security for to individual customers for conducting online transactions.

US Patent Application Number 20070234061 describes a method for providing transaction security from the user end. Extra security techniques are turned on when there is a need for a secure online transaction. A party other than the end user pushes the security mechanism to the end-user. This adds extra security to the user end of a transaction with minimal effort on the part of the user. This invention mentions a variety of security techniques, including VPN


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connections, but it does not specifically address the use of VPNs for transactions between a user and a vendor.

US Patent Application Number 20020023004 describes a system for managing a group of stores. In this invention, an individual may manage a group of stores from home by establishing a VPN between all stores and the home computer. This invention uses VPN to manage transactions between stores and managers, but does not extend this same security to online customers.


Invention Summary

The Operating System contains a Sales Manager Module, which is in charge of verifying an online Vendor's identity and establishing a secure connection with the online Vendor's sales server. Rather than transmit sensitive information using standard internet protocols where such information could be compromised, the User Machine connects to the Vendor Sales Server using a remote access Virtual Private Network, through a VPN Access Server.

When a user wishes to purchase products online from a given Ven...