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A Manifest System to Track Build Server Resources Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184278D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-18
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Disclosed is a manifest system to track build server resources

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A Manifest System to Track Build Server Resources

A Manifest System to Track Build Server ResourcesA Manifest System to Track Build Server Resources

When performing a software build, developers and build engineers are required to know which build servers are available and configured properly to service the build . This is typically a human function, a small team will "know" how servers are configured and may publish (typically via website) a summary for users to refer to when seeking build resources.

This method is error prone as it relies on human intervention for completeness and accuracy. Build servers must typically be referred to by canonical name which does not accurately reflect the capabilities of the server . There is typically no way to know if a server is in use, offline, or misconfigured without simply attempting to use it and waiting for a failure to occur. This introduces excessive delays into the development process .

Additionally, server admins are limited in their ability to make changes to available resources as any disruption to any single system could immediately impact a large audience of consumers.

The *Rational Build Forge Manifest system provides an automated facility for describing build server resources in terms of capabilities as well as the publication of those capabilities and automatic selection based on those capabilities .

This allows developers and build engineers to describe the build requirements for a software product in terms directly related to the software product itself and allow the Build Forge Manifest system to automatically locate a properly configured and available...