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Hybrid Electrical Stimulation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184285D
Publication Date: 2009-Jun-18
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Hybrid Electrical Stimulation System

The present invention is a hybrid electrical stimulation system that utilizes two or more types of charging mechanisms or power supplies. These charging mechanisms and power supplies may include electrical energy (from a power outlet), magnetic energy, magnetic induction, biomechanics (everyday body movements, arm movements, torso movements, etc.), hydrodynamics (blood flow), solar energy, and/or sound energy (external noise, patient's voice, heart beat, etc.).

In some embodiments, one of the sources of energy may serve as the primary source of energy for charging the battery and the other(s) may be supplemental power sources.

In an example of one embodiment, the hybrid system may utilize electrical energy and magnetic induction via biomechanics. The system may primarily use electrical energy to charge the system battery, including using an external charger that is charged via a power outlet. The system may use magnetic induction as a supplementary source of energy to charge the battery between electrical charging sessions. The energy from magnetic induction may be generated by a magnet, a coil, and associated circuitry. The magnet and coil may be situated such that the magnet may slide freely through the coil. Upon movement of the patient's body, the magnet may slide back and forth through the coil. This motion may induce voltage in the coil, thus generating an electric current. The cu...