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Software update method for electronic lamp drivers via DALI Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184358D
Publication Date: 2009-Jun-22
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Software update method for electronic lamp drivers via DALI

    A DALI lighting control system consists of a control unit and several electronic lamp drivers connected in a DALI network. This invention describes how to update the software in electronic lamp drivers when they are connected in a DALI system. Dali is a standard controls bus used in the light world.

Currently there is no facility available to update software functionality in an electronic lamp driver in the field without exchanging that device. Exchanging device is very costly in case sealing have to be opened for indoor applications, or for outdoor applications even highways need to be closed temporarily.

The invention proposes to use a central point for uploading of software of a DALI controllable electronic driver connected in a DALI lighting network.

A DALI controlled lighting system can be represented as follows:


A controller (DALI-master) tells the targets (DALI-slaves), via a gateway (example: USB to DALI converter), what they should do (lamp on/off). The customer wants new functionality, e.g. dimming. In the old situation the customer should buy new targets, in the new situation he can update the targets.

How to update (an example, other implementations are possible): Disconnect the controller from the gateway and connect you laptop (DALI-master) to the gateway and start the update tool. The tool executes 5 steps to update the targets.

Step1, Scan: The tool will first scan for all available targets on a network, during the scan the tool collects from each found target some information like manufacturer, driver typ...