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GUI Automation Script Creator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184417D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-23
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This article teaches a method of taking a generic object instance, created by a GUI application's object model, and creating a GUI automation script usable by a GUI automation program.

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GUI Automation Script Creator

The following article describes an example of the components involved and a description...

GUI Example

The following GUI is used to add entries into a Birthday Database. This GUI is kept purposefully simple, and will be used to demonstrate the invention.

Object Model

The Birthday Database consists of a list of the following objects types. Again, this is kept purposefully simple to demonstrate the invention.

BDayEntry {

String name;

    Boolean isMale;
Date bDay;

Object Model Instance

This is an instance of a BDayEntry that could be in the Birthday Database.

[ "Rober Brown", true, "01-01-1972" ]

GUI Resource to Object Model Mapping File


set -> focus NameTextField

type $(

set BDayEntry.isMale -> focus MaleFemaleComboBox
select $(BDayEntry.isMale = true ? "male" : "female")

set BDayEntry.bDay -> focus BDayDateField enterDate $(BDayEntry.bDay)

finalize BDayEntry -> (Requires: name, isMale, bDay) click AddButton


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Desired GUI Automation Script , given the Object Model Instance

focus NameTextField
type "Robert Brown"
focus MaleFemaleComboBox select "male"
focus BDayDateField enterDate "01-01-1972"
click AddButton

Flow Chart for Process that Converts an Object Model Instance to th...