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Drive Up ATM Improvement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184420D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-23
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Improved ATM usability by incorporating variable height mechanism.

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Drive Up ATM Improvement

Today most banks and credit unions offer drive up automatic teller machines. These machines are at a fixed height. Vehicles today come in a wide range of sizes. If an ATM is set too high, it is not easily useable by drivers of smaller vehicles. If the ATM is set to low, it is not useable for drivers of trucks and SUVs.

Our invention would use either hydraulic pistons in the ATM base to raise and lower the ATM unit, or a screw type device to raise and lower the top of the unit. The front of the ATM would have an up arrow button on the top of the ATM machine, and a down arrow button at the bottom of the ATM machine so the user could adjust the height to the appropriate level. The base of the unit would be fixed to the ground, and the top of the unit would float up or down as the height mechanism adjusted. A locking device would prevent removal of the top of the ATM or hyperextension of the top. A further improvement would be to use an optical sensor which would use the difference in light refraction from the metal of the vehicle, and the opened or closed window. It would then identify the location of the drivers window, and adjust the height automatically.

An alternate implementation would be to have the ATM at a fixed height, but have the top of the ATM pivot on a horizontal axis. The ATM could then be angled higher or lower to be at an optimal height for the user.

This technology could also be inco...