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WI-FTF: View thread updates after being removed with the option to re-add yourself Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184808D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jun-30
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Disclosed is a method for adding oneself back to an email thread that one is no longer on. One would have the option to view the discussion missed.

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Disclosed is a method for adding oneself back to an email thread that one is no longer on. Once one is successfully removed from an email discussion, it may become pertinent to rejoin the discussion. One option is to use the 'Reply to All' from the last email that a person received, but it would be out of date. Currently, once a person removes oneself from a thread, there is no method to get updates from that thread.

     This disclosure allows a user to rejoin an email thread and receive an update on what was missed. To do this, the user would select the email and select an option, such as 'View thread updates'. The email could be an old email or a folder that contains removed threads or metadata about removed threads. The user would be presented with a summary of discussions or could receive more details. Based on this information, the user would decide whether or not to get added back into the thread. If the user decides to get added back in, the user would select the appropriate action and receive the next email sent out.

     When a new email reply on this thread is being composed, the writer could be informed of who was added back in. This would be done in real time, so the writer would be informed of the larger audience. If the user is on a local replica, the user could be informed after sending the email.

     The user would have the option to...