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Software Repository Recommendation System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184812D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jun-30
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A third party server recommends new software packages to the user based on the software previously installed on the user’s machine.

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Software Repository Recommendation System


A third party server recommends new software packages to the user based on the software previously installed on the user's machine.


Problem or Opportunity

In the Linux/open source community, there is a wealth of software available for download. Many Linux distributions use a package manager to facilitate the download and installation of new software packages. Traditionally, package managers query repository URLs, provided by the user, and provide the user with a list of all the available packages on the repository server. However, there are thousands of available packages distributed across many repository servers. In addition, there may be several software packages designed to perform similar functions.

Finding relevant software and repositories can be overwhelming and confusing. The user may not know what software packages exist to suit his or her needs, or may not know the URL of the appropriate repository.

Background Publications

Existing publications that attempt to address the opportunity mentioned above are described below. These inventions fail to fully address the opportunity to provide software recommendations to a user.

US Patent Application Number 20090024712 describes a method for suggesting a new version of a piece of software. The usage patterns of a particular piece of software are monitored to determine if an upgrade would be useful. New editions of the software are recommended to the user when it is determined appropriate. This invention relates to


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updates for a piece of software and does not facilitate the recommendation of entirely new software packages.

US Patent Number 6763517 describes a system for recommending patch files to a user. The system automatically analyzes the kernel of the operating system on a machine after an unexpected interrupt. The system compares the kernel to an online database and determines if any appropriate patches are available. Appropriate patches are recommended to the user for installation. However, this invention does not recommend new software applications.


Invention Summary

A package manager within the operating system periodically sends anonymous information about installed software packages to a Package Information Server. This information includes the frequency of use for each software package. The Package Information Server aggregates and stores this information from all users of the system. A list of the most commonly installed software packages and the URL of the corresponding Repository Server is maintained on the Package Information Server as well as likely associations between packages. For example, if many users who have a certain word processing package installed, also...