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Display Changes to a Document at Exit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184866D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jul-02
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If a document has changed after the last save, at exit, the word processor used to create the document gives the user the option to see the changes before he decides whether to save them or ignore them.

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Display Changes to a Document at Exit

Typically we use a word processor to create our documents. Once created we save the documents and go back to them later either to browse through them or modify them. If we try to exit the word processor after we have modified the documents, it would prompt us either to save the changes or ignore them. However, when we open these documents only to browse, the word processor should not prompt us to save the changes or ignore them when we try to exit and yet, quite often, that is exactly what it does. The user wonders about what changes the word processor prompts him to save or ignore. Unfortunately the changes are not displayed. These changes may have been introduced inadvertently, or they may be authentic changes that the user does not remember about. Not knowing what those changes are, the user is understandably not sure whether he should save them. Sometimes this leads to loss of valuable content. This invention suggests a solution to this problem.

When you try to exit the word processor after making changes to a document, it prompts you "Do you want to save the changes to Document1?" (Assuming Document1 is the default name of a file that has not been assigned a unique name yet. In the case of an existing file, the name of that file will be displayed in place of Document1.) and gives you three Options: "Yes", "No" and "Cancel". If you had opened the document only to browse and then ge...