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Cylinder Fill Stand/Pallet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000184968D
Publication Date: 2009-Jul-06
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Cylinder Fill Stand/Pallet

    This practical design allows cylinders to be filled in standard palletized 44- size manifolds, enabling the recycling of worn pallets, offers capacity flexibility for filling these products, and offers the cylinder filler reduced stress and back fatigue.

    Today, in order to expand filling capacity for certain cylinders, investments in fill station cylinder manifolds occur groups of 40 cylinders, due to the standard sizes available.

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    Unfortunately, the design of these manifolds and filling procedure forces the need for 40 cylinders to be on hand before filling can occur, creating wait time for assets & improvising at the plant level to "valve-off" cylinder slots not being filled.

Asset Utilization:
• Unlike traditional a cylinder fill stand that must be completely filled with either empty or full cylinders in batches of 40 or 80, the new cylinder fill stand accommodates various fill head configurations.

• Recycling of non-usable pallets & E-carts
• More efficient turns of inventory

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• Cylinder fill plant personnel not waiting for empties to be returned in order to fill in larger batches

• Top train tilts back making it easy to load and unload.
• Ergonomic benefit of raised...