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A Springless Cable Lenght Adjuster Disclosure Number: IPCOM000185045D
Publication Date: 2009-Jul-08
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The disclosure describes a cable length adjuster. More specifically, it describes a cable length adjuster which is able to operate without a separate spring to bias a bolt into a position where said bolt engages a rod, this position being the locked position. This is achieved by having the bolt disposed in a window of a body, said bolt having legs extending through the window, said bolt being moveable in the window between the locked position and an open position. A winglet extends from each of said legs. Said winglets are made of a resilient material and abuts the sides of the windows which are adjacent to said legs. Said sides of the window are inclined such that the bolt is biased towards the locked position.

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A new cable length adjuster for adjusting the effective length of an inner moveable member of an actuation cable assembly.

In a prior art solution, a locking 'bolt' is introduced in a 'body' and secured therein by the use ofa 'locking sleeve' which is spring biased towards the securing position. See further detailed presentation

  The new design utilizes a bolt which includes resilient 'Wiglets' which biases the bolt towards engagement with the moveable member.

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Prior art US patent #6,116,111 (i)

Bolt retaining tool

End terminal

Locking bolt

Locking bolt ramp surface

Locking sleeve

Compression spring

Locking body

To lock the end terminal relative the body:

1. Inserting the end terminal into the body

2. Removing the retaing tool

3. Manual press the locking bolt into the body - teeths on the locking bolt will interlock with corresponding teeths on the end terminal (not shown)

4. The sleeve will then move over the ramped surface

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New design - Overview of parts and assembly

End stop

4-6. Separate track and rotation for preventing separation of adjuster/cable during transport to OEM

6. As delivered to OEM

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New design - Interface of "Wiglets" and assembly at OEM

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