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Method for unblocking computer hangs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000185058D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jul-09
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This article describes a method to solve machine hangs caused by processes consuming all the CPU. The proposed method uses the autorun feature of modern operating systems to execute an additional process that checks the machine health and kills misbehaving applications.

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Method for unblocking computer hangs

Sometimes computers hang because of failing applications, that consume 100% of the CPU or keep the keyboard locked,

preventing the user from gaining back control of the machine. Users

are not able to gain back control of the machine because they do not manage to kill the failing application: in fact killing the failing application would be enough to solve the problem. The only method the user has to solve the hang is to turn off the computer and restart it, loosing all the work not yet saved, and wasting time in restarting the machine.

    The solution proposed in this article is based on the auto-run feature of modern operating systems. While the CPU is busy and the keyboard locked, the system is still able to auto run

programs stored on external mass storage. If the system manages to start such a program, the

program can check the status of the system and kill any misbehaving application.


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    With reference to the above picture, the proposed method stores a program on a removable storage media, like a CD-ROM (135) or a flash memory card. The removable storage media is also configured for auto running the executable as soon as the storage media is attached to a running system.

The program executes a process list and kills all the processes consuming more than a

predefined amount of CPU (like the proce...