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System and Method to include human interaction into automated processes

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000185404D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jul-24
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Disclosed is a system and method for achieving an automated solution for including human interaction into automated development processes and to find the right people when failures occur .

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System and Method to include human interaction into automated processes

System and Method to include human interaction into automated processesSystem and Method to include human interaction into automated processes

With any software development process , there is a mix of automated and manual process steps. Traditionally, people drive the entire process,

with some unattended

automation steps based on triggers. The problem is that the automation involved does not inherently know what to do when failures occur. When a failure does occur the automated process will typically stop, and either wait for someone to notice, or in a best case scenario will notify a mailing list of some type. The problem with this approach is that it involves either too many people, or the wrong people.

A solution is needed to

allow an automated process to notify the most appropriate people at the correct point at

which a failure occurs. This can only be achieved by linking the various manual and

automated processes together. T

The Automation Control System described here will become the central driver, interacting with each of the separate databases and systems used throughout the development process. It uses the information contained

within each of these systems to determine the most appropriate person to get

Additional rules will be

used based on when the failure occurred. These rules will create the most appropriate list of users to contact when failures occur .

Methods of Contact

The Automation Control System will use all available methods to contact a person, based on the type of connectivity, the importance of the alert, and the current date and time relative to each person's work schedule.

The following information will need to be stored in a User Directory Server :

    Full Name
email address
organization name
time zone information
user role(s) - e.g. automation engineer, software developer, manual tester

When a failure occurs at various points in the overall process , the Automation Control System will determine the notifications to make based on a set of rules. Each phase of the process will have a different set of rules defined to determine who to notify, and by what manner.

Priorities will be assigned to various contact methods in the following order

    Message sent via Instant Messaging softwar...