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Virtual Worlds Tool to Visualize Abstract Items and Make Them More Tangible (Translation Visualizer) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000185646D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jul-29

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A novel tool would be a visual translator that would present words and actions as easier-to-understand 3D visuals or environments that are relevant to the viewer. Creating awareness of how our actions impact us or other people is more important than ever since the world and our economy are in a state of very delicate balance. The invention supports users’ desire to comprehend problems that are hard to visualize in familiar terms. One may have difficulty visualizing actions and data when dealing with less tangible topics such as energy consumption, budgets or carbon footprint. Although we can describe power consumption in watts, budget in dollars or carbon footprint in metric tons, these units do not readily create a meaningful association of their impact to the user or his/her environment.