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Apparatus for Optical Comparison Between Two Surfaces Disclosure Number: IPCOM000185693D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jul-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jul-31
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This invention removes the optical illusions created by edge effects & picture framing (non-uniform appearance near the edges) when comparing a master chip to an actual part.

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Apparatus for Optical Comparison Between Two Surfaces

Electrostatically applied powder & wet paint on sheetmetal &

illusions created by edge effect (Figure 3) and a picture framing effect (fat edge around the

perimeter of the sample - Figure 2). This picture framing makes it difficult to visually compare

the master chip to the actual part for consistency in color & texture.

This disclosure introduces the use of a visual inspection aid to hold a master chip to compare color & texture to various locations on a part (Figure 1). The visual aid eliminates the picture framing effect and subtle variations of color & texture (Figure 2) allowing a better focus on specific area of the part. This visual aid is an extremely inexpensive which allows for a quick & more consistent analysis.

The visual aid consists of two square windows (Figure 1) in close proximity of each other (approximately 1") cut out of a paper thin material with a neutral, flat, opaque color background (such as manilla folder stock). The background material needs to be large enough to cover the master chip & eliminate any visual distraction from the part during the comparison process.

plastic molded parts generate


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