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One Way Valve for Inflatable Pouch Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000185694D
Publication Date: 2009-Jul-31
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One Way Valve for Narrow Inflatable Pouch Products

Conventional one-way valves used in pouch products tend to fail when the ratio of the valve width to the pouch width increases because there is a greater chance for the valve to invert or flip inside out.  This invention describes a one-way valve design that prevents the valve from inverting (flipping inside out), causing a slow leak through the valve opening. 

While conventional valves are constructed by heat sealing two narrow films together along the lengthwise sides, the instant valve is positioned between two pouch films and sealed to close the pouch opening.  Non-heat sealable ink is printed on the inside center of the valve to prevent it from sealing together and to allow free air to flow through the valve into the pouch.  To increase the speed of inflation, the valve opening in the printed area is made as wide as possible.  As the valve opening gets wider, there is a greater chance that the valve will invert, causing valve failure.  Leaving a narrow gap in the middle of the non-heat sealable ink solves this problem.  The valve is sealed to the pouch by spot welding the valve films at the center of the air passage, creating two side-by-side air flow passages for the same valve.  Spot welding in the middle of the valve prevents the valve from inverting and protruding through the valve opening, while leaving a large hole to speed inflation.  Slow air leaks...