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Method and System for a standalone Comment Managing & Sharing System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186038D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Aug-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Aug-06
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In this article a method & system is described to : 1. Provide the ability to comment on any accessible content in the internet.Any accessible web page in the internet can be commented with or without the permission of the content provider, regardless of whether the comment function is provided by the origin content provider or not 2. Build up a stand-alone platform for managing and sharing comments to any content in the internet

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Method and System for a standalone Comment Managing & Sharing System

As shown in the diagram, the Comment Management System contains 6 main


Content Locator

Identify a content/content group in the internet Consist of 2 components:

     Document locator: used to locate a internet document, can be URL, URL pattern, or customized locator
Native locator (optional): used to locate a specified portion of the document
Comment Storage Engine

   Store/retrieve comments from comment database comment database can be local database or web service. Comment Extractor

   Extract specified comments from the comment storage engine Unified persistence interface
Comment Saver

   Save/update comments to the comment storage engine Comment Renderer

Display comments in the web page at the locations they are created

These components can be deployed in different way to fit different scenairos:

PC Mode

All components of the CMS system is run locally in the PC

web browser plugin)

Comments is be stored locally

Web Service Mode

The comment storage engine is implemented as a web service

( typically as a


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The other part of the CMS system is run locally and communicate with the

web service to retrieve and store comments

PC + Web Service Mode

Local cache is be used in comment storage

Local stored comments is synchr...