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Lightpath and Identification LED System for Next-Generation Flexible BladeCenters Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186130D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Aug-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Aug-10
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By combining typical "Bluelight" identification with lightpath and other techniques, a superior system for identifying and servicing ensemble components is realized.

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Lightpath and Identification LED System for Next -Generation Flexible BladeCenters

A limitation in having more flexible next-generation BladeCenter* environments or in managing ensembles (where components can be arbitrarily assigned to create new systems) is in being able to identify system components for problem resolution via lightpath. In an ensemble environment with numerous blades, switches and other components, performing lightpath diagnostics on parts that can be physically located anywhere become especially difficult.

What is needed is a new lightpathing and LED identification system for use in ensemble management environments.

In a preferred implementation, the light path system for all components in an ensemble will be composed of multi-color LEDs, the colors of which will create an available color pool.

In the first example, a systems administrator issues a request to a Management Module to identify System 1 within the ensemble, which is composed of some arbitrary components and optionally residing within a chassis as allocated by the Management Module or some other means. The Management Module will select a first color from the color pool and ignite all lightpath lights for all components associated with System 1 in the first selected color, including the front panel light of the owning chassis.

In a further example, a fan failure in the same physical chassis then occurs on System 2, which is also composed of arbitrary components as allocated by the Management Module. In this c...