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A method to identify the incompatible change and notify the right person Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186382D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Aug-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Aug-18
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API serves as contracts among the API producer and consumers, it means that the API consumers will use the API according to its claimed functionality and the API producer must keep the API as stable as possible. If any incompatible changes are made on a published API, it is the producer's responsibility to inform all the affected consumers because the incompatible API changes require changes in consumer's code as well. But as API coming famous and has been accepted and used in larger scope, maybe even in world wide, the API producer hardly knows who are using his/her owned APIs and how they are used. Therefore, the API producer is also not aware of the impact of any incompatible API changes, and he/she can not notify all the affected consumers as well. The invention here does try to solve this difficult problem for API producer so that make them easy and efficient to identify incompatible changes and notify relative rights API consumers.

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A method to identify the incompatible change and notify the right person

The key of this invention is the responsibility change for API producer.

API producers make full control of the API they own. That is, they're

responsible for not only the functionality they have claimed on the APIs, but also quality / performance they have ensured via their testing.

API consumers can only

accept APIs, even if the APIs may not be suitable for the software, otherwise API consumers need to reproduce the functionality APIs have or extend them by revising source code under API producers' permission. While in this invention, the way has been changed completely. Besides using APIs,

API consumers have to report their

requirement to API producers via submitting their own test cases in certain cretiria. It's also API producers' responsibility to go through all the test cases from consumers. If some of testings fail,

API producers will either notify consumers about

the failture, or revise their own source code to fit for the consumers' requirement. Thus, the changed working model make revolution for API usage standard.

The detailed steps in the invention can be described in the following figure.

Step 1:

implementation. Besides these, he/she also opens a pool of testing case for any API consumer. The pool has strict registration and login mechnism so that each consumer can be easily identified with his/her contact information.

Step 2:

API consumer uses the API

Step 3: To ensure the quality and correctness of using API,

test cases. The coverage should be ensured by consumer himself/herself, since he/she is the best person...