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Service for Verbal Data Transmission Enhancement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186394D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Aug-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Aug-18
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This article describes an invention that addresses the loss of information that occurs on the phone for non-contextual items such as phone numbers and addresses.

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Service for Verbal Data Transmission Enhancement


Travis calls Yellowstone Hotel Reservations to reserve a hotel there for the days preceding Lisa's wedding. Travis makes a reservation, then the representative takes his email address in order to transmit a confirmation email. The email bounces because the representative took the email address down incorrectly. Travis loses his reservation because they think he doesn't exist. Travis is furious.


There is some information that cannot be picked up from context. In some situations it is necessary to do more to increase the chances that the person on the other end of the phone has correctly transcribed a piece of information.

Preferred Embodiment

1. Travis signs up for service with his phone company. The service listens for a key combination while he is on a phone call.
2. Travis makes call to Yellowstone Reservations
3. Travis talks with Yellowstone Rep, and eventually the rep asks for his email address. Travis says 'let me get my service to send this to you to ensure that there are no errors'. He presses a key combination that indicates to the service that he wants to transmit his email address.
4. The service sends the following audio to the Yellowstone rep: "lowercase 't' as in Tom, lowercase 'r' as in Ralph....

period as in the end of a sentence.... the 'at' sign... Do you have the

address? Press 1 if you need to repeat, 2 if you are ready to continue. "
5. The Yellowstone rep has the address correct so he presses '2'. The call continues.
6. Travis shows up to Yellowstone and they are aware of his hotel reservation. All is right with the universe.


Caller signs up for service,


Contributes info that may be desirable to transmit at different times


Email address(es)

Phone Numbers
Credit card numbers. Additional security options could be added here to insure the request is made from a phone registered to the card owner.

Makes call


Indicates that he wants to transmit a piece of data


Selects it from a bank of provided data (user's email,



phone numbe


, etc) or


As collected from previous entries

Possibly specific to the callee


Specifies it in an exact way to the service,


Sending an SMS message to the service

Service forwards caller to VRU, then caller



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Multitaps the information in

Speaks then confirms the information



press the '2' key once for 'a', twice for 'b', th...