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A method to monitor delays of jobs with a service level agreement deadline Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186528D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Aug-25
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A method to improve the monitoring of jobs with a Service Level Agreement deadline identifying those delays that can be automatically recovered by the scheduling product.

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A method to monitor delays of jobs with a service level agreement deadline

The present publication discloses a process that addresses a problem that arises while monitoring jobs with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) deadline.

     In a scheduling environment with a complex workflow of batch and interactive processes, some jobs are highly critical for the business because they have an SLA deadline negotiated with customers; we call them "critical jobs". We identify as the "critical network" the group of jobs that are defined to run before the critical job and that are predecessors or are in the chains of predecessors of the critical job; the critical job cannot start until the critical network has completed successfully.

For critical jobs, it is very important that the scheduling operator/administrator is notified well in advance if there is any risk for a critical job to miss its deadline.

It is possible to identify this risk monitoring the critical job and its critical network and signalling any delay.

Current scheduling products are able to identify a job with a delay and to automatically promote this job assigning it more operating system resources.

The problem for the operator that is monitoring these critical jobs is to recognize if the scheduler can automatically recover this delay or not.

     It is possible to identify after which time a job in th...