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Integrated electronic textbooks for classroom use Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186549D
Publication Date: 2009-Aug-26
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An electronic textbook is disclosed whereby the textbook contains an electronic means of interacting with the instructor in the same manner as an electronic clicker to allow attendance taking, response to questions by the instructor, taking of tests etc.

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Invention Disclosure

July 7, 2009


Integrated electronic textbooks for classroom use

Background of the Invention

Colleges and universities are experimenting with hand held devices that allow the student to interact with the instructor during the lecture. Called "clickers" or "classroom clickers" these devices allow the student to respond Yes/No or in other ways to an instructor's question. They have also been used for exams, taking of attendance and other classroom instructor interactive uses.

Description of the Invention

We disclose here the concept of integrating the clicker concept into an electronic textbook. In a first embodiment an electronic book utilizing the bistable cholesteric display technology (black and white or full color) or some other bistable technology such as the electrophoretic display technology (Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader) could be used as a textbook and integrated with instructor interactive "clicker" electronics to be used in the classroom. This would provide the student or user a single electronic device which served as a textbook and instructor interactive clicker.


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