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Method and System for Universal Customer Loyalty Program Card Disclosure Number: IPCOM000186555D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Aug-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Aug-26
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A method and system for universal customer loyalty program (UCLP) card issued for a customer is disclosed. The method and system discloses a UCLP card to function with loyalty programs associated with multiple merchants. The method and system allows integration of the UCLP card and associated number with any existing loyalty cards issued by the merchants with their own loyalty programs.

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Method and System for Universal Customer Loyalty Program Card

Disclosed is a method and system for providing a customer with a universal customer loyalty program (UCLP) card. Usually, a loyalty card is used by merchants to track purchasing history of the customers. Accordingly, merchants reward the customers in various manners by giving discounts on some items, cash back offers and free coupons for various services. The method and system discloses a method and system for integrating various loyalty cards issued by various merchants in a UCLP card with a universal customer card number given to a customer.


The figure illustrates the method and system for interaction of a customer and a merchant with a UCLP. The method requires a customer to sign up for a UCLP card by providing basic information such as customer name, age, gender, address and phone number. Thereafter, the customer is provided with the UCLP card with an associated universal customer card number. Further, the method also requires merchants who wish to provide customer loyalty program to its customers to get enrolled with the UCLP. Upon enrollment with the UCLP, a merchant may integrate its loyalty program with the UCLP. The UCLP provides a centralized entity that can be funded by multiple merchants and/or customers. The centralized entity stores basic customer information at the UCLP. The centralized entity facilitates merchants enrolled with UCLP (also known as a UCLP merchant) to access information of their customers with the UCLP cards.

A customer may transact with a UCLP merchant using a UCLP card as a loyalty card instead of carrying a merchant specific loyalty card. In an instanc...