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Metering of Workloads in a Datacenter Through Virtualization Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000187387D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Sep-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Sep-03
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By tying workload-based virtualization management to metering and billing, an effective method for charging customers for their use of a virtualized datacenter is realized.

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Metering of Workloads in a Datacenter Through Virtualization Management

As datacenters are becoming increasingly dynamically virtualized, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine how much of a datacenter has been consumed by any particular user, or group's workload. Discussed herein is a method and system for leveraging virtualization management for this purpose.

One proposed implementation is as follows:

A software module called a virtualization manager communicates with one or more


hypervisors responsible for creating virtual machines from one or more sets of available hardware
One or more users will be authorized to submit resource requests to the


virtualization manager of step 1

The owner of the datacenter will assign a total cost rate for the combined computing


capabilities of the entire datacenter.

Users will belong to one or more groups, each of which is associated with billing



A user will authenticate and submit a request to the virtualization manager for


resources based on requested hardware or an intended workload

Said user is associated with a group that will own the workload. If the user belongs


to one or more groups, the group to own the workload or virtual machines must be provided with the request for resources.

The virtualization manager determines a prorated cost rate for the user's request


based on the cost rate for the entire datacenter and the portion of the overall computing resources that will be necessary to fulfill the user's resource request The virtualization manager responds to the user's request with a purchase


agreement for the requested resources, whereupon the user will be allowed to authorize the resource purchase
The virtualization manager provide...