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Application of Alcohol Alkoxylate Surfactants as Wetting, Foam Controlling and Pigment Dispersing Agents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000187414D
Publication Date: 2009-Sep-04
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Application of Alcohol Alkoxylate Surfactants as Wetting, Foam Controlling and Pigment Dispersing Agents 

The purpose of this document is to describe the utility of alcohol alkoxylate surfactants in different industrial applications.  These surfactants are nonionic and can be used for wetting (pigment, filler, or substrate), foam control and pigment dispersing or the wetting and/or dispersing of other types of organic or inorganic solid particles.  Additionally, these surfactants may provide other benefits such as improvement of freeze/thaw or heat aged stability, viscosity stability, improvements in rub-up, color acceptance, hiding, scrub resistance, and other coating properties, prevention of pigment floating, and improvements in a variety of other properties either of the liquid formulation or the dried film.


Alcohol alkoxylate surfactants can be described as reaction products of alkyl or aromatic alcohols with alkylene oxides such as ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, butylene oxide, and so on.  The alcohol can be natural or synthetic (oxo) alcohol.   Furthermore, the alcohol can be a primary, secondary or tertiary alcohol that is linear, highly branched, mono-branched (Guerbet alcohol), cyclic, aromatic or combinations thereof. 

The final product has the following formula:



R is an alkyl, cyclic alkyl, aromatic, or alkyl-substituted aromatic group having from about 4 to 24 carbons,

AO is an alkyeneoxy group selected from the group of ethyleneoxy, 1,2-propyleneoxy, 1,2-butyleneoxy groups, and combinations thereof, and

n is from 1 to 100.


Alcohol alkoxylate surfactants can be used to perform the following functions:

•To reduce surface tension and interfacial tension

•To facilitate wetting of low-energy substrates

•To improve spreading of fluids on other substrates

•To stabilize or control/de-stabilize foam

•To emulsify or demulsify various fluids

•To assist in the solubilization of other system components

•To clean various substrates

•To inhibit corrosion of metal surfaces

•To wet or disperse various solids

Applications in which the alcohol alkoxylate surfactants would have utility are enumerated below:

•Cleaning applications

–Household cleaners

–Industrial & institutional cleaners

–Dishwashing & rinsing

–Vehicle care

–Fabric care

–Floor care

–Hard surface care

–Electronics cleaning, including cleaning within semi-conductor manufacturing

–Other miscellaneous cleaners

•Personal care

–Facial cleansers

–Hand, hair and body care

–Sun care

–Baby care

–Shaving products including Pre- and after-shave

–Bath and shower products

–Antiperspirants and deodorants




–Cosmetic products

•Paints, coatings, & stains

•Printing inks, overprint varnishes, & ink jet ink formulations

•Fountain solutions

•Pigment dispersion and stab...