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Sideband Signaling for Enhanced Optical Barcode Communications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000187540D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Sep-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Sep-10
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Barcode technology has evolved into a pervasive communication medium with the growth of mobile computing devices. 2D barcode technology and e-coupons delivered to mobile phones can be read with conventional area (CCD) scanners; however, reading LCD displays presents problems that affect usability. One of those problems is the need to optimize the photographic parameters of the barcode scanner to match new media such as LCD displays.

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Sideband Signaling for Enhanced Optical Barcode Communications

For CCD imager bar code scanners to read illuminated LCD displays showing a bar code image their illumination LEDs must be turned off, photographic and other bar code configuration parameters adjusted. The end result is that scanner cannot automatically detect what type of media it is reading a barcode from and manual user input is required to select media type.

This article describes a system and method to create side band signaling which is attached to various types of bar codes to identify media type, report configuration parameters, report symbology type, and other information to solve the above problems. It involves a bar scanner and mobile computing hardware, firmware, and application software to append a predefined coded side band signaling code (SSB) onto e-coupon bar codes or any other bar codes which are presented on computing video display media.


1. A QR two dimensional bar code symbology (Quick Response) is defined as the SSB symbology for it's properties of easy optical identification (3 locating fiducials) and quick decoding times.

6 digit QR symbology example:

2. Cell phone application code overlays the SSB onto the e-coupon graphic. E-coupon is received with high density Datamatrix.

3. SSB is encoded with the following with the following example data payload...