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Method for Harvesting Energy from Theme Park Rides by Regenerative Braking

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Original Publication Date: 2009-Sep-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Sep-22
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Theme parks all over the world have a lot of 'rides' which involve strong acceleration and deceleration. These rides typically run hundreds of times per day, consuming a large amount of energy. Some efforts have been made to use 'green' power to power these rides, including human (pedal) powered rides, compression based propulsion, etc. However, none of these approaches leverage the regenerative power of braking.

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Method for Harvesting Energy from Theme Park Rides by Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking systems have gained popularity in recent years in consumer vehicles. Dynamic braking is typically used in locomotives, and refers to the use of electric traction motors as generators to slow down the vehicle.

Our invention relates to the usage of regenerative braking in theme park rides to convert the kinetic energy when slowing down the ride into electrical energy. This is achieved by connecting the ride vessel to one or more electric motors, which are turned into generators during braking. These electric motors are in turn connected to a grid into which the generated energy is sent.

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