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WI - CHALLENGE: (WI-VW-IO) System and Method for Partial Document Transfer Among Collaboration Software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000188153D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Sep-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Sep-24
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Disclosed is a system and method to allow a user to select a portion of a document during the process of selecting a file to attach. This would give people the ability to rapidly create and share targeted content and effectively provide a new way to access, communicate, and to deliver content instantaneously. Furthermore, it improves one's productivity.

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WI - CHALLENGE: (WI-VW-IO) System and Method for Partial Document Transfer Among Collaboration Software

In collaborative work and social environments, the capability to share a partial document in a simple manner can improve communication efficiency and collaborators' productivity. Currently, there is no known solution or capability to be able to instantaneously select and share a specific piece of content via collaboration software such as instant messaging or email software. Current content sharing approaches include full document attachment or screen capture. To send a partial document, the former requires several manual steps such that create a separate file only for attachment. and then latter only send image files which is less flexible for a receiver to use. The disclosed idea is a 'one step' approach, which is different than prior arts, for exchanging partial document in email, instant messaging and other means of collaborated communications.

I. Illustration of a possible usage flow of the disclosed idea .

The following illustration how the disclosed idea is potentially used
1 . During the attachment selection process (Figure-1) of a collaboration software, when a file to be attached is selected , add a capability to allow a user to open the file and select sub content.
2 Based on the file type, a program that can view the file or the its sorted view is started and shows the file in complete view or sorted view such as shown in Figure-2 . This allows the user to select partial content for attachment.

Figure-1 Figure-2

3 Once the user selects a partial content, a temporary file containing only the selected content in original order is generated , the file is saved to a temporary location on the disk by the program, and attached to collaboration software for sending.
4 . The program for selecting partial content is stopped. and optionally the temporarily saved file is cleaned from disk

II. Different aspects of the disclosed idea

Optionally this applies to files with any content type such as image, video, etc. For example:




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- for Presentations such as MS Power Point files, a user can select a subset of pages; or for a particular page can select or de-select a particular object.

- for a text document, such as MS Word files, a user can select, a subset of pages; or a particular section of a page(s) or a particular figure(s) to be shared

- for images, a user can select at least one region of an image to be shared

- for an audio file, a user can select at least one segment of a file to be shared

- for a video file, a user can select at least one segment of a file to be shared

- for an Excel type of a file, a user can select one or more worksheets or one or more sections of a worksheet
In the case of streaming file types such as...