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(Spectrally) adaptive illumination system for horticulture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000188369D
Publication Date: 2009-Oct-02
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(Spectrally) adaptive illumination system for horticulture

This invention relates to a supplemental illumination system for horticulture: the system adapts the lighting intensity and spectrum offered to the plant to match the plant's needs. It is based on the use of sensors, sensitive to physical parameters, the intensity and spectrum of the light offered to the plant (including daylight), and a controller with embedded algorithms to determine the optimum light setting for the plant. The essential features of the invention are:
• A supplemental lighting system for application in horticulture having a light- source, a sensor, and a controller. The light-source and supplemental lighting level is adjusted in response to the readings of the sensor, after processing by the controller.
• The supplemental light source has the ability to adapt the ratio of light emitted in at least two wavelength regions. The waveregions are preferably in the red and the blue part of the spectrum.
• Supplemental lighting is based on a combination of at least a single wavelength of blue LEDs with either at least one wavelength of red LED at about 680 nm preferably, or with 680 nm or slightly less and one at 700 nm or slightly higher, the combination of these two red wavelengths having a synergetic effect.

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