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System management firmware modularization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000188509D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-12
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In present system management firmware, some systems may take long time to boot up and long latency for user request and response time. In other word, all the processes run on the one CPU need to run in order for everything ready for work. It may have poor performance at response to user query or action, because all functions running on the same processor results from the process priority issue. When the less important process ready to run, it will encumber the other process. This document discloses a concept that design system management software as seperate module and can run on different CPU and more flexible.

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System management firmware modularization

Separating the current system management firmware into two main modules as below figure can average distribute the heavy loading processes, and get the better firmware performance ,included shorter of total boot-up time and response time from system and user request. The Protocol Processor in the figure is designed as one module, and Generic Service Processor is another module can run on the same SOC [SOC] chip or separate CPU chip. If we need higher computing power to run more programs and quick calculation for Generic Service module, we just have to replace or upgrade Generic Service Processor with increase CPU core speed, more memory capacity for cpu to operate, or float-point capability, it won't harm original architecture of Protocol Processor.

Next, there is a generic asynchronous interface (channel) need to adaopt between Protocol Processor and Generic Service Processor, the major function of this interface is for communication between two prcoessor for exchange data and message. It worked as a Mailbox, if one of the processor need to notify another processor there are data need to transfer, data is encoded and put in the mailbox , then send a notification to another processor to process. This disclosure also define the major function and how to module those as below definition and figure.

Protocol Module:

The function of Protocol Module is dedicated for System management function for server management ( IPMI [IPMI] stack) and (BMC [BMC] ). This hardware can be a embedded CPU or lower computing processor (*Intel 8051), but this core need to support interface for sensor to monitor analog data , digital data , fan speed control, gpio [GPIO] for...