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Tracability of customer transaction at payment station Disclosure Number: IPCOM000188522D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-12
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More and more payment machines are put in front of end-users. Multiple payment options are proposed like credit card payment, but also coins/notes payments. These type of machines are part of RSS localized french offering. To give more confort to the end-users of these machines, in case of coins/notes payment, we are developping an application which guides the end-user through the different steps they have to follow. The following sceenshots give an example of the sequence.

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Tracability of customer transaction at payment station

As soon as the customer starts to pay; each insertion of coins and banknotes are logged on the system so the staff store is able to display the details of the transaction on the system. This is vey useful in case of the customer is complaining about the operation or if something is going wrong with the hardware.

Here is the flow chart of the sequence:

The innovation for this type of application is the ability to display on the same machine and beside the customer the history of a payment (What the custormer has to paid, what he inserted and what was dispensed). This functionnality is unique on Self Service Payment Application. Here is a screen shot. This operation is made by a shopper assistant. The tracability of transaction does not depend on technical components (special database for example).


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