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File system based POS printer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000188530D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-13
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Most printer requires specialized driver to perform print jobs. This makes the printer OS dependent (which driver is available on which OS) and also not easily available to handheld / embedded system

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File system based POS printer

The Printer will appear as massive storage device with a single folder "To Print". The user can then place files that is to be printed into this folder. The Printer will detect a change in the folder and pick up the latest file. Depending on the format of the file e.g.

jpeg or text file, the printer firmware will decode it accordingly. Upon decoding, it

will print out the content. While decoding, the printer will lock the file, so that it will not be deleted while decoding. Once the printing has finished, it will delete away the file to indicate print job finish

This make the printer to be independent of drivers and OS. Furthermore, for any OS that allow the sharing of USB massive storage device and / or folder, the printer can be shared over the network. It will also enable embedded device or handheld devices such as cellphone and ipod to print directly without any form of driver. As long as the devices is able to access external USB massive storage