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Apparatus of Displaying Large Number of Slides/Presentations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000188592D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-15
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This article disclosure a new method and apparatus for displaying and organizing large number of slides or presentations.

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Apparatus of Displaying Large Number of Slides/Presentations

Presentations/slides are widely used in enterprises. People can organize or view multiple presentations/slides with one of the following two granularities:
- Presentation as based unit: SlideShare,

open the presentation if he/she wants to look into that file
- Slide as based unit: grid view in MS PowerPoint, etc. Only one presentation is allowed to be open atone time. If the number of slides is too big, there exists no mechanism to help people navigate through those slides.

We propose an apparatus for organizing and displaying multiple presentations and slides.

- Navigation granularity is not limited in presentation or slide, but based on group of slides
- Fast and convenient navigation: people can navigation through multiple presentation, as well as their internal slides without opening any files
- Slide grouping allows people organize large number of slides for easy understanding and manipulation

windows explorer, etc. Presentation content (included slides) is neglected. People should

Advantages include:


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Player is a widget allows user to navigate thought a group of slides in one presentation, as the following picture.


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Container is a widget allows user to manipulate andview a list of players, as the follo...