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System and method for pre-booked calendar based on external factors (meteo, allergens, ...) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189022D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-26
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Disclosed is a system and method for pre-booked calendar based on external factors (meteo, allergens, ...).

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System and method for pre-booked calendar based on external factors (meteo, allergens, ...)

Problem statement:

The use of calendars and scheduling technology has grown considerably in the last decade. People are using their vacations periods differently, with shorter period and more related to sports activities, leisure, ... In the other hand, people present more and more allergic phenomena. The sensitive persons can want to stay and to work on their place of residence in case of presence of strong rate of pollen in the air. Finally, in case of strong pollution, people may want to stay even and to work on their place of residence rather than to use their car or motorcycle. It is interesting to detect some information from several sites based on user criteria's, such weather, pollutions, allergens, and to offer the user a way to concatenate those information in his calendar to perform some pre-actions, such as pre-booking or suggestion to work from home, based on information found in his profile.

No solution exists to automatically manage this. The present invention offers such solution.The proposed invention generally relates to the field of information aggregation and electronic calendar usage and, more particularly, the invention relates to the means available in mashup platform and calendar and mail systems to perform an intelligent pre-booking.


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System and method description:

Figure 1:

As part of the system of figure 1, the user profile, defined by the user, via a specific GUI, contains :

- Period of application
- Time slot bases (Hour, ½ day, 1 day)
- Application to be used (weather, pollution, ...)
- Mail preferences
- Presence preferences

The mashup application provides the information processing system with several elements. For each user, information are processed and sent to calendar management application and presented via a specific GUI on the client on his device. The user may accept or not suggestions performed by the system and so update calendar and / or presence server status. The present invention is allowing the pre-booking of some period (variable) depending of external variable factors automatically. (for example, weather and wind for kite surfing addict)


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The schema hereafter illustrates the overall architecture of the proposed solution :

The solution is based on information and i...