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WI - Challenge: System and Method to set an ?over-and-out? on a message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189168D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Oct-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Oct-30
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Disclosed is a System and Method to set an "over-and-out" on a message. A function is provided that can cut off communication to one or more participants while remaining in communication with other.

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out" on a message

When a user is on a phone call or phone conference - a user can obviously decide when to drop from a phone call. This action denotes that the user has finished with the phone call. Unfortunately, with instant messages, and e-mail, other users can continue communicating with the user even when the user considers the IM conversation to be finished.

The concept here is to a system to set an "over-and-out" function in a message within an electronic messaging environment. In operation a user would press a button on his IM client to denote "over-and-out" and preventing the other person(s) to respond. Or the function could be provided that would allow the user to hang up on some people whilst continuing to communicate with other individuals.

Additionally this "over-and-out" can be filtered based on explicit, organizational, social network criteria. For example, in a 1-to-n chat, the user can hang-up on all employees that are less senior than a second-line manager.

As an example, assume User A is a busy executive and has many employees who regularly want to communicate with User A via IM. User A prefers to have short IM chats because he finds he is less efficient when the IM chats become lengthy and burdensome. User A often finds that individuals often want to ask other questions whilst talking to User A But User A finds that this is an inefficient use of his time. User A can now using the present concept be able...