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Ultrasonic Spot Welding Horn Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189204D
Publication Date: 2009-Oct-30
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This article discloses a generally "Y"-shaped ultrasonic welding horn useful for e.g. the welding of medical masks.

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Ultrasonic Spot Welding Horn

In modern industry it is well known that it is sometimes convenient to process some materials by imparting ultrasonic energy to them for e.g. cutting, laminating, or welding. For a welding application, the parts are sandwiched between an anvil and a horn connected to a transducer. A low-amplitude acoustic vibration is emitted by the transducer, at e.g. 20kHz. The ultrasonic energy melts the point contact between and the parts, creating a joint.

It is known to use ultrasonic welding in the manufacture of personal respirators to join, e.g. the body of the respirator to the straps that retain the body to the user's face. This article discloses that the two welds that are required on opposite ends of the body of the respirator for the two ends of the straps may be accomplished simultaneously by the use of a Y-shaped horn energized by a single transducer applied to the base leg of the "Y". It is considered particularly convenient for the lengths of the branches of the "Y" to be selected so that their ends are at an antinode undergoing maximum axial displacement when energized.