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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189262D
Publication Date: 2009-Nov-02
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The present invention discloses a multi purpose Federal Railway Administration (FRA) compliance gage. The multi purpose gage enables accurate and efficient inspection of locomotives. In addition, the multi purpose gage enables high availability of the locomotives. Further, the multi purpose gage is made of aluminum, and hence is lightweight and convenient to use.

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The present invention relates generally to locomotive inspection devices, and more particularly to a multi purpose Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) compliance gage.

In today’s world, people use various modes of transportation, such as airway, roadway, sea transport, and railway, among others, to commute from one location to another.  Among all these transportation modes, railway is one of the most widely and predominantly used mass transit modes.  The railway is widely used due to its affordability and is considered safe as compared to other modes of transportation.

Generally, for the railways to be safe, each locomotive is subjected to various numbers of tests and inspections, such as clearance area of components, maximum brake cylinder travel, and minimum brake cylinder travel, among others, that are performed by an inspector or a foreman.  Each of such tests and inspections are in compliance with FRA directives and assures that the locomotive is safe for passengers to travel.  However, continuous usage of the locomotives makes them susceptible to failure due to wear-and-tear of various parts or components.  Hence, the locomotives are also subjected to the inspections after a fixed duration or each journey. 

While performing the inspection, the inspector or the foreman utilizes a tape measure to measure allowable distances of the various components, clearance areas of the components, and the like.  Occasionally, the inspector or the foreman visually inspects the components.  Hence, such a method for performing the inspection is error prone and not accurate.  Further, such methods consume significant amounts of time since the inspector has to manually check the clearance area of various components one by one.  Consequently, the availability of the locomotives to the passengers is also affected due to the time required for inspection of all the locomotives.

Therefore, it is desirable to inspect the locomotives accurately and efficiently, thereby increasing the availability of the locomotives.



Figure 1 A illustrates a side view of a schematic block diagram of a multi purpose Federal Railway Administration (FRA) compliance gage according to present invent...